About us

DIS - Data and Internet Security Council

Why choose Us.

Data and internet security council is the worlds top most information security certification body. Our uniquely designed course for information security enables enables candidate to master skills on ethical hacking, cyber forensics, power shell, licensed forensics expert and many more.

Our Mission.

Our Ethical Hacking Certification programs are the best premium certification of all time. It has quality content which is been prepared over year by regularly updating the courseware. DIS is committed to latest ethical hacking techniques, latest exploits, programs to its students and clients.

What we Do.

Ethical Hacking course provides the in depth knowledge of the Security concepts on various best tool sets, techniques, exploits and explains how an ethical hacker can be beneficial to the company. Courseware of DIS is been designed by world top ethical hackers and Cyber Security Consultants.

CEO & Co-Founder

Mohit Yadav

DIS (Data and Internet Security Council) is a Leading Premium International Information Security Certification and Related Services Company. Data and internet security council Certification like DIS10.1 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures is the best famous Certification in the field of ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. This certification is been recommended by top companies and Cyber defense Organizations all over the world.DIS is the creator of top 25 Security tailored made Certification for Corporate. DIS has multiple locations across the globe and having its corporate office in Delhi (India), Still we have certified 5000+ professionals across the globe through our Certification programs

“We are Committed to Secure IT infrastructure and Minimizing the risk by teaching best practices to Security Researcher in this today's World”

Mohit Yadav
President & CEO

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