DIS10.4: In-depth Advanced Networking

December 27, 2015

DIS10.4: In-depth Advanced Networking


DIS10.4 : In-depth Advanced Networking focuses on in-depth skill required for understanding networks. It focuses on briefly understanding the working of various kinds of TCP IP, OSI layers, Various Protocols like BGP, EIGRP, RIP,OSPF and many more. This Course helps you to understand more about Advanced networking Technologies used in the Industry.

After attaining the Given Certification (DIS10.4 : In-depth Advanced Networking Certification) students will be able to know more about routers and switches and also they will be having deep knowledge of the computer networking topics. After attaining the given certification candidate gains self confidence do Networking related work,

Course Content

1. In this course you will learn the basic operation of protocols in OSI Layers and TCP/IP models and determining the data flow among two different hosts or nodes within a network or in external networks.

2. Installing, configuring and troubleshooting basic networking hardware i.e.

Routers (1841, 2611XM, 2801, 2811)

Switches (2950, 2960, 3550, 3750 series).

Concepts like IOS installation, password recovery,Password Cracking and various Levels in Cisco Technology.

3. Understanding, configuring and troubleshooting basic concepts of layer 2 switching and predicting the data flow from one end to other end.

4. Understanding, configuring and troubleshooting STP, VLANs, CAM, and Ether channels.

5. Understanding, configuring and troubleshooting layer 3 addressing routing protocols for IPV4 and IPV6 (subnetting).

6. Understanding, configuring and troubleshooting routing protocols for IPV4 and IPV6. Topics like OSPF (single and multi-area) and EIGRP (load balancing, equal and unequal) are covered.

7. Introduction to WAN: Getting familiar with WAN protocol and devices. Understanding, configuring and troubleshooting layer 3 protocols like Frame relay, HDLC, PPP, NAT, etc.

8. Introduction to MPLS.

9. Understanding IP services like DHCP, SNMP, Netflow, FHRP, and NTP.

10. Understanding, configuring and troubleshooting layer 2 security, layer 3 security that is ACL (standard, extended, named) , SSH and Secret password.


DIS10.4: Exam Details

Training Mode : Conceptual and Practical Based
Course Duration : 60-80 Hours(Instructor-Led Training) 2 Hours /8 Hours /4 Hours Per Day
Exam Code : DIS10.4
Exam Duration: 4 Hours (Written Exam)
Exam Duration: 8 Hours (Lab Exam)
Exam Fee : 300 USD (Written + Lab Challenge) Credits: 25 Credits (Towards DIS10:Diploma in Information Security)


In-depth Advanced Networking Certification DIS10.4 FAQS

What is Networking?

*Computer Networking is a process of bringing various online systems in a organized manner in which they can communicate with proper and reliable manner. Networking helps us to transfer data between host and the client System.


What I will learn in this In-depth Advanced Networking Certification?

*In this Certification Exam you will learn about routers and switches , how to configure them , using various Protocols, how to router traffic, how packet switch from one network to other or one router to other router.


Who will teach this Course?

*This course is taught to you by industry professionals and is designed by industry well known security consultants from round the world. Course is been taught by well experienced DIS Certified Trainers only.


How it’s different from other certifications Vendors in market?

*This course is completely practical based approach it is not just slide based training’s or big huge books based. This is completely a new practical full time approach for people who wants to get into Networking domain. This is the most advanced Networking certification training’s in the world.

Author Statement

Computer Networking is not just connecting two nodes. Computer networking is way of making two system speak with each other according your given sets of instructions.

DIS Consultants(Content Contributor)

Mr Varun Pathak, DIS Content Contributor

   Network Specialist